Week 7


This week was themed around the future. We focused on the future of the world, technology and our personal futures. We started the week by watching a presentation by a guy from Melbourne Uni who works in robotics and information technology. He explained to us how he came across the information technology industry and what he does. He talked about the development of technology in the past few decades and what he predicts it will be like in the years to come. He explained what he studied at uni and that he is currently doing a PhD where he gets to travel all around the world presenting his research. I found this presentation really interesting because it gave us a lot of insight into what it’s like in the technology industry which I didn’t really know anything about.

On Wednesday I went on a trail themed around Urban Planning and the designing of new cities and suburbs. I really enjoyed this trail and felt that I learnt a lot about cities, planning and how much work goes into the creation of an urban area. We visited the new docklands library where a man from the Creative Suburbs organisation talked to us about what he does. Then a woman from the Metropolitan Planning Authority talked to us about the Docklands and the suburb that the government wants built called e-Gate. We then looked around Docklands and did some auditing and surveying. Afterwards, we met back at the library and caught the tram to the MPA office on Collins Street. When we got there, we got to sit in one of their rooms with an amazing view of the city and they gave us food and drinks. We were given maps of e-Gate and tracing paper and we drew what we think would be good to have there. We drew offices, apartments, green spaces, trees and sport grounds. There were 4 other experts in the room with us who gave us advice on our plans, asked us questions and gave us information about e-Gate and it’s geography. I really enjoyed this trail and learnt a lot.


One thought on “Week 7

  1. Jane

    Another interesting week’s reflection. The trail this week sounds very interesting, sometimes I wish we could participate in each others trails.



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