Week 6


This week’s theme was ‘The World Around Us’. We learnt learnt lots about the world, education, careers and money. I found this very interesting, especially because of the variety of themes we covered throughout the week. On Wednesday, I went on a trail where we learnt about the media and it’s influence on young people. We observed shops, advertising, fashion and displays and wrote about what we thought of them. We practised being media literate and looking beyond the surface when watching tv, movies, radio, on the internet and social media. In the afternoon, we visited SYN fm, a radio station run by young people, and participated in a radio show workshop. I found this a very good experience, especially because I got to see what a recording/radio studio is like and how it works. This was our first week of school since camp and although I am still quite tired I really enjoyed this week. I feel like everyone in our year is a bit closer and that we know eachother a lot more since camp. I am looking forward to the rest of the term.



-Critical Question-

“The subjects we learn in the classroom effectively prepare us for life after we finish high school. Agree or Disagree?”

The primary subjects traditionally taught at school include maths, english, history, geography, art, music and science. I think that each of these subjects are very important although do not always translate directly into a successful independent adult life. To me, a basic understanding of subjects like maths, english, science and geography is an essential part of success. This leaves multiple other subjects including history, art, music and design. I believe such subjects teach important life skills and give us the opportunity to be opened up to a whole different area of learning. The think the arts are incredibly important and encourage ways of thinking that are very different to the basic subjects. These skills can be so useful in all aspects of life whether it’s careers, hobbies, travel, friendships or family. I believe that the arts subjects teach creativity, open-mindedness and thinking outside of the box. Therefore I think that the subjects we learn in high school prepare us for our lives mostly, but that a bit more is needed (i.e. galileo).

I believe that the main two things to learn for life as an adult that should be provided by schooling are common sense (decision making, rational thinking, social awareness ) and intellectual skills (problem solving, maths, writing, reading, map reading, money etc.). Think that common sense & decision making is often overlooked by the schooling system. This why I think that programs like Galileo are so useful and important to our education. Just in the past week, I have learnt about public transport, money management, banking, credit cards, mortgages, art, languages, cultures and history. Most of this information I will remember for years to come and has helped me understand the world around me. In saying this, I still think that traditional school is extremely important but I feel that life skills are just as important to know.



One thought on “Week 6

  1. Jane

    Hi Anna
    Your weekly reflection is great & your critical question touches on two elements of learning – the content and the life skills. I agree that both are important and have a role to play. Do you think students aged 14 should be able to chose all their subjects or do you think that there are some subjects that we should HAVE to do? It is an interesting one? Some people would like to be able to make their own choices at age 14 however I guess the concern is that they do not chose English & Maths which may mean that they don’t understand the functioning of these two subjects in adult life.
    You provide solid reasoning for your positions however more evidence would make your arguments stronger. Evidence that you have gathered from the week and further research would be great.

    Coherence of argument: level 2 of 2
    Use of evidence: level 1 of 2
    Further Research: level 0 of 1
    Multiple Perspectives: level 1 of 2
    Critical Thinking: level 0 of 1
    Expression & language use: 1 level of 1




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