Week 5


Week 5 of Galileo was themed around camp and the yarra river. For the first two days, we learnt a lot about the yarra, how it works and it’s significance. On tuesday, we sat along on river bank and a man talked to us about the inhabitants of the river and which threats they are facing. We then picked up rubbish from the side of the river and put in it the bin. I found this very rewarding because we knew we were making a difference and there were so many of us helping out.

On Wednesday, we caught the train to Lilydale and the bus to our campsite for the night. We heated up our own food and set up our tents and sleeping mats. The next day we packed up and carried our bags on a 12k (six hour) hike through the bush. I found this VERY hard but i am happy that i did it and got to the end safely. After the hike, we caught the bus to a school camp where we set up our tents again, had showers and ate dinner. Afterwards, the staff made a campfire that we sat around and cooked marshmallows on, which i really enjoyed. The next day we packed up and caught the bus to Warboutin where ate lunch and then arrived at Lildale where we trammed home. I found the first night of camp extremely hard but i still had a good time and i really enjoyed the second.


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