Week 3


In galileo, this week’s theme was Ethics. We learnt about ethics are and how they are used in our day to day lives. The teachers talked to us abot the ethics of sport, lying, expressing our opinions and judging others. This week, I went on two trails, my team project mini-trail and one about the ethics of food.

The Ethics of Food trail which took place on Wednesday, was my favourite part of ethics week. Our group visited any many ethical restaurants, bars and cafes throughout Melbourne. We learnt about the concept of people using food as a way to help people in need and problems in society. One of the places we visited was a cafe that donated all their profits to various charities and another was a restaurant that makes all their food without creating any waste. We also visted multiple other eating destinations dedicated to improving society instead of making money. Visiting these cafe’s and restaurants made me think about where the money i currently spend on food is going and what i can do to change that. I hadn’t heard of these places before the trail and i am very happy that i now know not only where they are, but what they do with their profits.

During ethics week, we also worked a lot on our team projects. My group (Money & Business) did some research during the week and preparations for our Mini-Trail. On Friday, we participated in our Mini-Trail where we given a few hours to go to the city and do some research and data collecting. Our group visited the Crown Entertainment Complex where we visted some shops, interviewed the sales assistants and recorded the prices of some items. We also took photos of the ASX and observed the different shops in the city. When we arrived back at school we typed up the information we collected throughout the day and did some more research. We also began our online poster using photos from the day and information we have collected.

I really enjoyed this week and learnt a lot about ethics. Overall, my favourite part of the week was our ethical food trail on Wednesday. I had a great week and look forward to the coming weeks.


One thought on “Week 3

  1. Jane

    Hi Anna
    A thoughtful reflection. I’m glad you enjoyed our trail, I am also curious about those businesses that are making a contribution to help others in need. I like to think that my spending is assisting others.



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