Learning Goals


Making and Conducting Surveys – so i can easily make surveys to collect and research accurate information

Using and Writing Blogs – so i can practice writing blog posts and choosing images/fonts to suit my posts

Negotiation and Comprise



Melbourne Streets – so i can navigate around melbourne more easily and quickly and so i know where everything is

The Media – so i can learn more about how the media works and it’s affect on people of different age groups/genders/nationalities/interests. i would like to learn about the different types of media and the different types of jobs in the media.

Global Poverty – so i can understand what causes poverty, what is needed by the government to stop it and how we can help


—Personal Qualities—

Persistance and Determination – because i want to become better at persisting with things and finishing projects/assignments. i would also like to have more determination in my school work and studying.

Optimism – so i can stay positive at keep a positive attitude for future things

Open Mindedness – so i can be open to new ideas and trying new things


One thought on “Learning Goals

  1. Jane

    Great choices of learning goals. You did not include a reason for choosing negotiation & compromise…..maybe you forgot?
    I look forward to seeing these goals develop over the term.
    jane šŸ™‚



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