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Week 1 Reflection

This week was my first week of Galileo. We met our teachers, Tamar, Jane and John and were introduced to the loft and the idea of galileo. We participated in multiple classes teaching us about school, homework, our city, observation and personal goal setting.

On Wednesday we had our very first trail, where my group spent the afternoon looking around North Melbourne, meeting members of the community and asking questions. My favourite part of the day was when we visited the North Melbourne Community Centre where we got to experience a community gathering of elderly asian citizens. There was a lot of dancing and games amongst the people there and they keenly encouraged us to join them. I enjoyed observing this especially because i never knew that these communities were so active, let alone in a place so close to my home. This was my first major learning experience in galileo and i am super happy that i had the opportunity to take part in it. We also visited The Centre in Errol Street, the North Melbourne Library and Jennifer Kanis’ office, where we listened to the staff talk to us and answer our questions.

On Friday, we took part in our second trail for this week. Everyone was split into their team project groups and were we were given a task to complete. In our groups, we had to commute through the city and take photos of around eight buildings/landmarks across the CBD. I found this a fun experience because we were given a lot of trust by the teachers and were able to work in whatever way and speed we wanted to. When we got back to school, the teachers gave us instructions to print our photos from the day and stick them on the city grid wall. We were also encouraged to label street signs, train stations and other important buildings, as well as drawing any people/things that we may find in the city. I also really enjoyed this activity because i am quite a creative person and i was really happy with the amount of freedom we got in the task. I found this (and the rest of the day) very different to anything i would encounter in mainstream classes and i really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

I very much enjoyed this week so far and have learnt many new things. I feel i am starting to really get into the spirit of galileo and understand how it works. I have already learnt lots about Melbourne’s streets, catching trains/trams and working in groups, especially with people i don’t know very well. I am really enjoying galileo, especially because we are given so much trust and freedom from the teachers. I am looking forward to many more positive and powerful learning experiences in the weeks to come.