❁ About Me ❁

My earliest memory of school is… Walking into school with my Mum on my first day of grade prep and sitting on the floor in the classroom

I learn best when… I am by myself studying words/writing essays/researching on my computer because i find it easy to manage my time and reward myself for my work by going on the internet/listening to music
My worst trait is… I am super lazy and not very helpful towards others
My best trait is… I am usually pretty talkative and good at starting a conversation
I often wonder… what i will be when i grow up
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was… waking up for school right after the holidays
The last possession I would give up is… family photos and videos from when i was younger
This term I am looking forward to… seeing more of Melbourne, discovering new places and gaining more of an idea to what i want to study and what career i want to have when i’m older
What image would you put on a postcard of Melbourne? Why? I would put a collage of photos of melbourne’s arcades, restaurants, cafes, fashion shops and people
Which Melbourne person would you most like to sit next to on the tram? Why? Hamish Blake because he is hilarious and we could get a photo.
If you could invite any 3 people from history to dinner who would you invite? Why? Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence and Hamish & Andy because Ariana is amazing, Jennifer is funny and Hamish & Andy are legends.

Describe Melbourne in three words. innovative, creative and expressive


One thought on “❁ About Me ❁

  1. Jane

    Hi Anna
    Thanks for sharing. I like your choice of dinner guests & tram company. I think they would all be most interesting & entertaining.
    jane 🙂



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